The Somaliland Civil Service Commission (SomaliHay'adda Shaqaalaha Dawladda) is a Somaliland government agency established in 1993 that oversees the employment of civil servants and lead reforms in Somaliland's decentralisation process. Khalid Jama Qodax is the current chairman of the agency. The head of the agency is chairman and is appointed by the President of Somaliland.


The vision of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) is to be a globally-recognized center of excellence offering the highest standard of public service provided by a skilled, dedicated and patriotic workforce.


To provide human resource, labour relations and organizational development leadership and services which sustain and inspire public service in the Republic of Somaliland.



  • Integrity Putting public interest above personal interests

  • Honesty Always acting with integrity

  • Objectivity Always acting fairly —making decisions based on facts /evidence

  • Impartiality Acting objectively and serving regional governments equitably

  • Professionalism Ensuring and maintaining high standards in the discharge of responsibilities and delivery of services

  • Transparency Upholding openness in all activities including provision of services

  • Patriotism Demonstrating a sense of devotion and personal identification as a citizen of Somaliland

Equity Ensuring equitable distribution of resources and benefits accruing from the Civil Service Commission’s programmes