About Civil Service Strengthening Project (CSSP)

Somaliland’s unique development trajectory has evolved out of a process of more than twenty years of grassroots peace-building and state-building, forged in relative isolation from other development contexts characterizing the region. Over time, a complex and resilient institutional structure has taken shape in which modern institutions, traditional and religious authorities, the private sector and civil society work together in order to effectively ensure peace, stability, freedom against piracy and terrorism, economic growth, the delivery of basic services, the protection of livelihoods and social development. Civil service reform remains a priority of the Government of Somaliland (GoSL) and has been identified as a key priority in the Somaliland Special Arrangement (SSA). The Somaliland Special Arrangement, a separate and distinct part of the Somali Compact, lays out a way forward for institutionalizing on-going Somaliland processes and initiatives within an overarching and equal partnership between the Somaliland government, its people and the international community. The third priority under Peacebuilding and State building Goal (PSG) 5: Revenue and Services is to create a merit-based and equitably-distributed civil service that delivers high-quality basic services and security for all Somaliland citizens. To deliver on this priority, the Government of Somaliland (GoSL), together with the World Bank and its other development partners, endorsed the Somaliland Civil Service Strengthening Project (CSSP) as the vehicle to support human resource and institutional capacity improvement in targeted government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs).


Project Objective

Strengthening basic function for payroll, human resources and policy management in selected central agencies and line ministries. CSC is the main implementing agency of the project and will collaborate with key central agencies to implement different Components of the project.