Director of Human Resource Development

Mr.Mona M. Jibril,is the Director of Human Resource Development, She graduated from  Ethiopia Civil Servise University in her Master Degree MA.Good Governance and Development, and gained her graduated Bachelor Degree BSc.Economics and political Science at Hargeisa University.



Mona Mohamed Jibril.

Director of Human Resource Development

Civil Service Commission 

Mobile/WhatsApp: +252 63 440 3769 / 063300 111 2 


         The Department Human Resource Development Responsibilities (TOR):-

  • Formulate and review strategies and policies for Human resource Development, Training, Staff Development and Career Progression in the Public Service.
  • Developing career progression policies and procedures manual and training staff on their use.
  • Design career development strategies as a guide for determination of career path for the members of staff of the Public Service
  • Identify core career progression needs of the Public service in line with government objectives and goals for socio economic development of the country
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring career progression programs for civil service in collaboration with MDAs
  • Establish institutional frameworks such as the Human Resource Advisory Committees in state departments and parastatals for the discharge of the Training, Staff Development and Career Progression function
  • Initiate collaboration with institutions of higher learning and the School of Government for purposes of offering suitable talent and  appropriate training to the public service
  • Undertake research and analysis of the status of Training and Staff Development Functions in the Public Service for use of review in recommendation for  Career Progression in the civil service
  • Undertake monitoring and evaluation on Human Resource Development, Training, Staff Development and Career Progression in the Public Service
  • Manage the capture of impact assessments on training undertaken by staff in the  Public Service to determine output on the service delivery
  • Manage the conduction of human resource skills audit and maintain skills inventory of the Public Service staff of National Government