Department of Performance & appraisal

Director of Performance Management

 & Appraisal Department

 Suleiman M.Obsiiye

Academic Credentials

Master in Human Resource Management
Master in Accounting and Finance
Postgraduate in Education Management
Postgraduate in Banking & Finance
BA in Accounting and Finance


Who we are

Since Somaliland approaches the development stage, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has embarked upon various reforms to rebuild and revitalize the Civil Service of Somaliland. One of the main pillars on its current reform agenda is instituting a Performance Management System, which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities. It is the main vehicle by which management communicate what is required from employees and give feedback on how well they are achieving job goals.

Performance Management Department

The Performance Management Department establishes the framework for managing and measuring the input of civil servants with a view to improving the output of the various institutions within the Government. The primary aim of the PMD is to improve the performance of civil servants to be able to achieve the national development goals of the Government of Somaliland.

What we do

We know that it is people who matter.  People are the heart of any organization or nation and the key to sustaining it. We focus on the issues that matter to you.


PM goals:

  • Empower civil servants towards achieving superior standards of work performance by providing clear expectations about their roles and accountabilities.
  • Support civil servants and their supervisors in identifying the knowledge and skills required for performing their jobs efficiently and effectively.
  • Providing employees with a better understanding of their duties, roles and responsibilities as well as the performance expected from them;
  • Promote personal growth and competence development.
  • Promote a two-way system of communication between all supervisors and employees for clarifying expectations, communicating institutional goals, as well as providing regular and transparent feedback for improving employee performance.
  • Identify the barriers to effective performance and resolve those barriers through constant monitoring, coaching on performance procedures and employee development activities.
  • Create a basis for administrative decision-making, including strategic planning, succession planning, promotions, and merit-base pay increments.
  • Boost the performance of all civil servants by empowerment, motivation and implementation of an effective reward system.
  • Helping your team to perform well and removing any obstacles to this.


Department TOR

  • Coordinating the implementation of policies and strategies of performance management for the civil service
  • Developing and coordinating performance appraisal and contract management for the civil service
  • Researches best practices in human performance and designs and revises performance management system for the CSC
  • Developing and institutionalizing talent management programmes for the civil service and young graduates
  • Develop the framework for improving Public Service compensation systems and  incentive systems for attracting and retaining competent and productive civil servants
  • Developing reward management policies and procedures and coordinating their implementation by MDAs
  • Develop the framework for improving Public Service compensation systems and incentive systems for attracting and retaining competent and productive civil servants.
  • Conducting annual national event rewards