Department of Pension


Who is the Pension Director?

Mohamed is a dynamic director with more than 10year’s of experience in the areas of community protection, child rights governance, Pension rights,

Compensation rights, gratuity rights, case management, program management and human development. He has worked with money organizations in different capacities. He has a master’s degree in Public Administration (MPA), he also has a second Master’s degree of Arts in Monitoring and Evaluation (MAME). He also holds a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in social sciences (BSS) from Islamic University in Uganda and a Diploma of Financial Management and Accounting. He has a strong work ethic & capacity to produce quality work. He is passionate about leading and managing pensions.

Director of Pension Deparment 
Mohamed Mohamud Omar

Telephone +252634799272/634346267


What Does a Pension Department Director Do? The director spearheads and oversees the operations of a department, ensuring efficiency and smooth workflow. Although his responsibilities vary upon the functions of a department, they typically have the power to decide on projects and programs. His responsibilities include setting goals, establishing budgets and guidelines, implementing policy & guidelines, representing the department at meetings and media coverage, liaising with external business partners, managing staff, and monitoring the progress of operations. Moreover, a Department Director leads and encourages staff to reach goals while implementing the organization's policies and regulations.  

Department of Pensions


                   Department Mandate

Administration and payment of pensions, death gratuities, resigned gratuities, terminated gratuities, and other retirement benefits to eligible public civil servants and dependents; operationalization of public sector pension laws and advice on public pension policy.


To ensure the timely, efficient and effective payment of pensions, gratuities, and other benefits to eligible employees of the Somaliland Public Service so that they enjoy a dignified and secure livelihood in retirement.


To be a world-class institution of excellence in the management of Public sector retirement benefits.

                        Core values

Courtesy, Integrity, Fairness, respect, Transparency, Accountability, caring and Professionalism.