The vision of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) is to be a globally-recognized center of excellence offering the highest standard of public service provided by a skilled, dedicated and patriotic workforce.


To provide human resource, labour relations and organizational development leadership and services which sustain and inspire public service in the Republic of Somaliland.


  • Integrity Putting public interest above personal interests
  • Honesty Always acting with integrity
  • Objectivity Always acting fairly —making decisions based on facts /evidence
  • Impartiality Acting objectively and serving regional governments equitably
  • Professionalism Ensuring and maintaining high standards in the discharge of responsibilities and delivery of services
  • Transparency Upholding openness in all activities including provision of services
  • Patriotism Demonstrating a sense of devotion and personal identification as a citizen of Somaliland

Equity Ensuring equitable distribution of resources and benefits accruing from the Civil Service Commission’s programmes