Legal department director

Mr Abdikani Saleban Jama has Master of laws (LL.M) degree in international law from Ethiopian Civil Service University and Bachelor of Law (LL.B) from Unity of University, Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

I am a senior lecturer at different academic institutions of public and private in nature. Among those institutions, UoH, CSI and Admas University. I also work as a part time trainer at Civil service. Institute. In the past I have worked different organizations from different parts of the world as a volunteer, contract based and as an internship. Accordingly I have worked with the Ethiopian human rights commission as a human right officer on intern basis and worked as a research assistant and translator with UNHCR and IOM on the basis of contract worker in Addis Ababa.

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Twitter: @AbdikaniSaleban 
Tell: 063-4409999/063-424392

Department of Legal Affairs

Legal Affairs department is mandated for the following responsibilities:-

  • Formulate and implement  legal policies and strategies for effective discharge of the functions of the department in accordance with the strategic goal of the commission
  • Ensure compliance with principles and values of good governance, human rights, transparency, accountability, ethics and integrity as the commission conducts its services per its mandate
  • Advise the commission on all legal matters and ensure that its protected against any law suits as it performs its activities in accordance with the mandate
  • Oversee litigation on appeals from county government public servants and ensure compliance with the constitution as per the mandate of the commission.
  • Prosecution of cases in courts and litigation management
  • Drafting and developing contractual arrangements of the commission with other international and national organizations.
  • Provide effective leadership, enabling the Department to improve performance of its functions and achieve set results.
  • Handling civil service complaints and grievances of Ministries, departments and agencies in pursuance with the civil service law and HR policies and procedures.