Somaliland National Employment Policy

hopes, of attaining high economic and employment growth to meet the needs and aspirations of all Somalilanders. This has strengthened our determination to build a strong, diversified and competitive economy that will provide adequate and sustainable employment opportunities in
Somaliland. In this regard, our goal is to achieve full and productive employment for all Somalilanders. The goal of the National Employment Policy is to create gainful and decent employment opportunities for the growing labour force to improve their living conditions and contribute to economic growth and national development within the framework of equity, fairness, security and dignity.
The overall vision of this National Employment Policy is to have society engaged in
decent gainful employment capable of generating adequate income to sustain it, and reduce poverty as envisaged by the Vision 2030 and National Development Plan (2017-2021), as well as facing the challenges of labour market gaps in the globalized
economy. The following are the specific policy objectives of the National Employment